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Supporting Change

This weekend I went to see my osteopath as I’ve become more aware of how badly I sit at my desk and the toll it is taking on my body since I started running again. As she explained how the way I sit was having such a negative impact I reflected on how so often the things we do to find comfort in the moment can lead to longer term discomfort. Even as I am sat writing this I am aware that I am not sitting with the best posture and am probably undoing some her good work.

As I shift my position, uncrossing my legs and putting my feet on the floor I am aware of how odd it feels, even though I known it is better for me. My challenge now is to begin by noticing every time I cross my legs and to make a choice to sit differently. I know it will take time to change this habit, but the first step is simply noticing and recognising that I have a choice. I know it will take time to make the change and in the beginning it may feel that there is no point. But I know that every time I notice and make a choice to change how I sit; I will be helping my body to learn a new way of being and over time it will become.

However, simply noticing and acknowledging the old behaviours is an important part of embedding any change. If we respond to ourselves with kindness and compassion, gently reminding ourselves of the change we are making, we can embed new ways of thinking and acting just as I am trying to embed a new way of sitting. Sometimes we need help to make these changes, we know when something is wrong, but are unsure of how to change.

My osteopath has given me a series of exercise to do to support my change as well as scheduling some further appointments. I might eventually get there on my own, but I know this support will speed the process and help me to continue to move in the right direction. Counselling can work in the same way, supporting us to identify the helpful thoughts and behaviours and to notice when we make unhelpful choices. Supporting us to make the choices that are right for us.

What changes would you like support to make?

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