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An open dictionary laying on a white duvert. Text reads Key terms for working with Neurodivergence

Free Guide to 14 Key Terms in Neurodivergence

Because Language is important, but can be tricky I created this free guide to Key Terms for working with and exploring neurodivergence.

A pile of white planners covered in stickers including 'I'm not procrastinating I'm on a side quest', 'LGBT-Rex' and 'We don't make mistakes, we make happy little accidents'

I started delivering training while working in HE as a way of promoting and sharing inclusive practice across the organisations I worked in. I love doing deep dives into areas of interest and the opportunity to explore and discuss what I learn with others enriches this. (I'm sure it's why I spent so long as a student).

I eventually began working as a trainer for a local mental health charity alongside my counselling work after I qualified. While here I designed and delivered a range of training including, Suicide Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Introduction to Self-Harm. During 2020 I was involved in concerting all existing in-person training programmes to online sessions. (At the time I'd never heard of Zoom).

In my private practice I have delivered sessions for a range of organisations including Mental Health awareness, Working with Compassion, Gender and Sexuality, Working with Neurodivergent Clients. I have also presented at a range of conferences on similar topics.

I am now developing a range of training for therapists, coaches, mentors and other professionals who work with neurodivergent 
clients which will running for the first time in the New Year.

You can explore past and upcoming training by following the links below.


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