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Neuro-Affirming Practice

Neuro-Affirming Practice


This course will draw on my lived experience as a late diagnosed autistic (and multiply neurodivergent human), my past professional experience as a disability practitioner and my work as a therapist and supervisor who specialises in working with clients who are looking to explore their neurodivergent identity. In it we will cover the neurodiversity paradigm and how it can inform our practice and support us to be affirming of our neurodivergent clients.

Course Details

During the course we will explore what neuro-affirming practice looks like and some of the barriers to achieving this.

  • What is neurodiversity and neurodivergence and when to use which word

  • Understanding neuro-normativity and the power of social norms

  • How do we create neuro-affirming practice

  • Why neuro-affirming practice improves outcomes

Additional Information

  • The Workshop will run for two hours over zoom.

  • The session will not be recorded

  • Copies of handouts and resources will be sent out prior to the course

  • All Attendees will recieve a certificate for 2hrs CPD

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who supports neurodivergent adults or who is thinking of working with this group. The course will focus on working with adults.

People who may find it beneficial include (but is not limited to):

  • Counsellors and Therapists

  • Specialist Mentors

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisors

  • Coaches

  • Housing Support Staff

  • Education Support Staff

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Feedback for this Workshop

'A really accessible and informative piece of training'

'This training was inclusive, informative and provided great points of reflection for both myself and my client work. Would highly recommend.'


'Really eye opening and interesting. Gave me lots to think about! Louise explains things really well and is easy to listen to.'

Sarah, Psychotherapist.

My favourite part of the training was the hope given that there might be a way of me working that will work for me and those I support without the cycle of stress and burnout that I've been in for the last 20 years. I also loved that the trainer made it clear we could 'come as we are' without stipulations around cameras, active participation etc. Training for adults and being treated like adults!

Kelly Garrington

Excellent, accessible talk which gives a really thorough and clear overview of working with neurodivergence. Louise's use of own personal lived experience brings it all alive.

Chloe Foster - Counsellor

HIGHLY recommend the training if you are supporting neurodiverse/neurodivergent clients!!!


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