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Louise, a middle aged woman with blue hair, is standing in front of a blank whiteboard. She is wearing a black dress and blue bolero and is holding some papers.

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Understanding and Supporting Neurodivergent Wellbeing

A ;picture of Louise (a middle aged woman with coulourful hair) laughing on a pale orange, pink and green background. Text reads Online Conference 20th Oct, 2023. Living and Working With Neurodivergence Mental Healtha nd wellbeing. Workshop. Understanding and Supporting Neurodivergent Wellbeing

In this workshop I will share with you how I work with neurodivergent clients and support them to curate a life that works for them, rather than one where they must continually change to fit societal expectations. This way of working has come out of my own academic interest in identity and otherness, my lived experience as a late-diagnosed autistic woman, alongside my work as a disability practitioner and therapist who specialises in working with neurodivergence.

The culmination of my knowledge and experience has been the development of a model of neurodivergent wellbeing that makes space for our varied spikey profiles and intersectional identities while providing a framework to support clients to begin curating the life that will support them. The model allows us to work with clients to support both internal and external change.

In this workshop, we will look at the importance of understanding the context in which our clients (and we) exist and how the systems and structures around them may have been internalised and used to create barriers to self-acceptance and compassion. Then we will move onto the specifics of the individual client’s needs and the importance of developing and understanding their spikey profiles to support decision making and choices that can help their ability to build capacity and resource in their lives.


Conference Recording available here

Celebrating Neurodivergence Panel

Banner for the event Celebrating Neurodivergence: Different not Broken, a Panel of Neurodivergent Therapists Share their Lived Expereince. Pictures of all six therapists invloved sit above the title. Undernether is the date and time of the talk: Friday 16th June at 6pm-8pm

Six neurodivergent therapists discuss their unique journeys and insights on embracing their differences as a positive aspect of their lives.


Journeys revisited - from unpaid parking fines, truancy, procrastination tax, knocking bailiffs, family estrangements, time blindness, education trauma (to becoming therapists in no easy steps). Join us in celebrating the unique richness of neurodivergence in our upcoming panel conversations.


Whilst exploring their personal experiences of living and working as neurodivergent individuals our panellists will share a nuanced understanding of both the advantages and challenges that come with uncovering and embracing neurodivergence.


Through raw and open conversations, they will discuss how they have navigated societal expectations to thrive as therapists in private practice. It offers a valuable opportunity to gain insight into the ups and downs of their individual journeys. There will be time for Q&As and reflections.

Purchase the Recording Here

BACP Supervisor Event

A Neurodivergent Perspective on Supervision

A look at what inclusivity means in supervision practice and how we can make these spaces more accessible to supervisees, with a focus on neurodivergence. In the session we explored the importance of being aware of our own privilege and the context in which we are working as a first step to understanding the unintentional barriers that can occur in our practice. We then went on to look the importance of flexibility and permission to do things differently if we are to make systemic changes that benefit all supervisees and clients.

This session was part of the BACP 2023 Supervisors Event and is available to purchase alongside the other sessions for the day.

Purchase the Recording Here


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