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Understanding and Supporting Neurodivergent Wellbeing

I don't think I'm overselling it when I say Louise has created something that is life-changing and revolutionary. Although I worked in a similar way prior to the course, having a framework and model has greatly improved the way I work. I've had nothing but positive feedback from clients.
This should be essential training for everyone that works with neurodivergent folks.

Kirsty, Neuroqueer Counsellor after attending the pilot run of this training

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Supporting Neurodivergent Wellbeing

This course will draw on my lived experience as a late diagnosed autistic (and multiply neurodivergent human), my past professional experience as a disability practitioner and my work as a therapist and supervisor who specialises in working with clients who are looking to explore their neurodivergent identity. 

Course Details

Section 1: Knowledge

In this sessions we’ll look at my model of neurodivergent wellbeing, developed through my own lived experience as well as my work with many neurodivergent folks. 

We’ll explore our own intersectional identities and spikey profiles of privilege and resources, because knowing our context is as important as knowing our clients.

Finally, We will look at how to support clients to become aware of not only the external context in which they live, but the internal one with the skiey profile mapper.


Section 2: Understanding

In this session we will build on the knowledge gained in session one and begin to understand what it means for us specifically. We'll look at how we integrate new knowledge to create deeper understanding of what it means for us and how to support clients through this process. We’ll use the information from the Spikey Profile mapper to gain a better understanding of our needs and understanding why they exist and why we might struggle to attend to them.


Section 3 : Acceptance

In this session we will take the understanding gained in session two and learn how to move it forward to acceptance and integrate this into our every day. We’ll explore the Sphere’s of Influence model and how it can help us to figure out what we need and how to get it. The main theme of this session is permission to curate a life that works for you. We’ll look at how to mange when things are hard, and what we can do to help future us to have an easier time. This will include lots of tools and strategies to share with clients.

Additional Information

  • All sessions will take place on zoom and will include experiential elements.

  • Participant numbers will be limited to ensure sessions are safe and supportive for all participants. (Max 20 attendees)

  • I endeavour to make all my courses as accessible as possible, but if you wish to discuss your specific learning needs before booking on, please do get in touch. (If I can, I will)

  • All participants will recieve an accessible PDF copy of all the resources and tools we look at in the course for them to use with clients, as well as the Practitioners Guide on how to using them.

  • The course runs as both a two-day intensive course and as a six week program to support different learning styles.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who supports neurodivergent adults or who is thinking of working with this group. Some of the tools may be adapted to work with children and young people, but the course will focus on working with adults.

It presumes you will have a basic knowledge of neurodivergence and the neurodiversity paradigm. For a grounding in neurodivergence and the neurodiversity paradigm you can attend my course on Neuro-Affirming Practice.

People who may find it beneficial include (but is not limited to):

  • Counsellors and Therapists

  • Specialist Mentors

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisors

  • Coaches

  • Housing Support Staff

  • Education Support Staff

If you aren't sure if the course is for you, please do get in touch (email is generally best in the first instance) and I'll be happy to help.


This training will next run in 2025

Course includes.png

Included in the price

  • Six two hour online sessions (12 hours of neurodivergent led CPD). A mixture of theoretical understanding and practical support we can offer to clients so they can create a sustainable and balanced life, whatever that looks like for them

  • Comprehensive resources to use with clients to support their wellbeing including:

    • Spikey Profile Mapper

    • Meltdown and Shutdown Plan

    • Sustainability Planner

    • Basic Needs Support Kit

    • And many more

  • Practitioner guide to using the resources, with prompts and guides on how to use them with clients 

  • Infographics of the Neurodivergent Wellbeing Spirals to support client understanding

  • Certificate of attendance



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Feedback for Courses

'As a neurodivergent counsellor often working with neurodivergent clients, Louise's training was fabulous. It was delivered in an affirming, compassionate and kind way, the benefits to my practice (and my 'self') will be noticeable. There was so much to take-away, including great resources and ideas.'

'Louise is a knowledgeable and experienced expert in this field, and this shines through in her teaching. I understand more about the effects of neurodiversity as a result of the course and the resources Louise shares are a real bonus when working with ND clients.'

'A wonderfully resourced, informative and affirming course. In just two days, I have a huge amount of wisdom and resources I can now start weaving into my client work. Louise's model is so simple, but will undoubtably have a huge impact and I can't wait to not only bring it to sessions, but start applying it to myself too'


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