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Balance and Pivot Points

This week it was the autumn equinox, when night and daylight hours are completely balanced. While I believe that change is an inevitable (both internal and external), I am also sure that we can find moments of balance and stability withing the flux. It is these moments that bring with them the opportunity for transformation.

I often refer to these moments of balance as pivot points, for me they are times when we can see the range of possibilities for who we want to be and make clear choices about which we wish to move towards. This can be anything from a slight adjustment in how we respond to someone to a complete change, letting go of old ways. What marks these pivot points as different from other moments of change in our lives is that we take time to make a choice, we do not simply react. So often we respond in the moment and then wonder why we did what we did. During pivot points we have a chance to breathe and ground ourselves before moving towards what is important to us.

My first experience of a pivot point was during my training when I was working creatively with a colleague. In that moment I felt at peace with all the parts of myself and was aware of the choices available to me. While it only lasted for a short time, I still feel its impact now. These days, I use a range of creative expressions depending on what feels right, and sometimes simply breathing and allowing myself to acknowledge the different thoughts and emotions helps me to reach my pivot point, so I can choose my direction of travel.

At the beginning of this week I could feel another external change coming. My first response was to fall back on old coping strategies that I know don’t really help in the long term. Instead I took some time to listen to what I really needed. This included scheduling in some down time, eating more vegetables and getting enough sleep. It also included saying no to things that would not nourish me even though they would be fun. As the week is ending, I can already start to see the benefits of slowing down and taking some time to listen to myself. As I wait to see what will happen in the world around me, I feel balanced and stable. I am ready to make my choice.

I’d love to know what balance mean to you and how you find it?

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