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What's in your wardrobe?

This weekend I sorted through my wardrobe and finally let go of several items. Some of these are clothes that I have loved and worn, but no longer fit me as I am now, and some have never been worn for a multitude of reasons. I had been holding onto some of these things for a long time, even though I could not use them. They were taking up so much space in my wardrobe that I could not see what was there. As I sorted through, I found forgotten and hidden gems that made me smile. Now when I open the doors, I can see what is there, the things that are useful, the things that bring me joy.

The clothes I am letting go will all be repurposed. Some will be useful or bring joy to someone else, so they will be passed along. Some have had a good life, but are destined to be dusters now. There are others that have elements I would like to keep, so these are going into the sewing box ready to be deconstructed and sewn back together in a way that is useful for me now. I know this will be a longer process and will probably get quite messy as I try to figure out how to put the parts back differently, but the result will be worth it because I will have taken the time to figure out what I really want and need now.

Sometimes, our brains can be a bit like my wardrobe, so full that we don’t even know what’s there. Getting easily distracted by things that aren’t right for us anymore (if they ever were). It can seem overwhelming to take the time to sort through and try and make the decisions about what to keep, what to alter and what to pass on and what to get rid of. One of the things I love about counselling is the space and support to really sort through all of the thoughts and feelings, to make the decision that is right for me without various family members and friends coming into the room to tell me what they think. While I know they are well meaning, it can make it difficult to really listen to myself and trust that I know what is right for me. It allows me to discover parts of myself that I had forgotten and to make sure I am spending my energy on the things that are useful and bring me joy.

What’s lurking in your wardrobe that you’d like to let go of? And what hidden gem might you find hiding at the back if you had the space to look?

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