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How do you invest in yourself?

This week has been the autumn equinox, the start of my favourite season, an in between time of change and possibility. I love the colours that appear in nature, cosy nights in, warm jumpers and endless cups of tea. Part of the season for me is about looking inward, pausing after the activity of summer, and starting to think about next steps. This year even more so, as for the first time there are no children or animals in my house, and I am still trying to figure out what this might mean for my choices.

I often talk to my clients about the need for periods of consolidation, when there has been a change, be it internal or external. A period to figure out how things work and what feels good, before setting out on the next stage of the journey. It is these pauses, that give us time to check in with ourselves and figure out if we still want to head in the same direction, or if we need to adjust our path to realign with our goals and values. This week has felt like the start to another one of these pauses, just allowing the space to see what emerges, and then of those things which stick around. I have so many ideas for things to do, but I know that I need time to make sure any new projects start from a firm foundation.

When we take the time to fix our foundations, we are giving ourselves the best chance to build something stable and lasting. Something that will continue to meet our true needs, not just something that we make do with because it is quick and easy. Taking the time to invest in ourselves is the best way to craft the life we want, the one that makes us happy. That investment can come in many forms, time, energy, money, and what it looks like and what we need may change over time. It took me a long time to recognise that therapy was an investment, having thought of it as an indulgence before I experienced for myself how transformative it can be. It’s one of the reasons I do this work and continue to dip back into it whenever I feel I need to, it’s all about investing in my future self.

How do you invest in yourself?

Sunset over terrace house roofs. Text reads ‘How do you invest in yourself?’

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