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Where is your favourite tree?

While I was on leave last week, I went walking in the park where I grew up and found my favourite tree. When I was younger it was the perfect climbing tree with branches and handholds in just the right places, I even have pictures of my daughter climbing it when she was little. We called it the climbing tree and that label became its identity. Unfortunately, a few years ago, it became diseased was no longer safe to climb. What could become of a climbing tree that could not be climbed?

Luckily, someone saw the potential for the tree to become more than just the climbing tree and it was given a new purpose as a beautiful fairy-tale sculpture and seating area. Every time I go home and see it, not only do I remember all the time we spent in its branches, but also that it is possible to change and find a new way forward. If a tree can become a fairy-tale after 140 years as a climbing tree, then we can all become other than we are now?

Often, we can get stuck into thinking that the way things were is the only way they can have value, but we all have the potential to change and become something else, we only need the ability to change our perspective. I never would have guessed that hiding in my climbing tree was a dragon, a wizard, and a princess, but luckily someone else came along who did. Not only did they see what was possible, they helped the tree to become what it was meant to be, where others might have given up on it. The tree could not have done it on its own, it needed support from someone with the skills and experience to help it unlock its potential.

It’s never to late to make changes and uncover what has been hidden inside.

I’d love to see pictures of your favourite trees and find out what they mean to you.

Tree that has been carved into a fairytale castle with a princess leaning from the top window to look at a dragon that is wrapped around it.
Where is your favourite tree?

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