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Where do you walk?

My body clock seems to have responded to the longer days by waking me much earlier than I usually would. I tried fighting against myself to stay asleep longer, but over the past week I’ve decided to embrace my early mornings. My favourite way to do this has been the introduction of an early morning walk in the local park. There is something about arriving when the gates have only just been opened and visitors are few and far between. While I have loved seeing the park filled with people over the past year, all enjoying the space and beauty it has to offer, on these early morning walks the sense of space and quiet seems to open up the same in me.

As I wonder round the lake and through the trees, I notice the small changes that are only evident with regular visits – the swans who were wary of each other becoming friends, the appearance of the blossom and the unfurling of leaves. This week I have noticed the geese nesting on the lakes island and I am already excitedly anticipating the arrival of goslings once more. In the past I would have deemed myself too busy to spend time simply walking and noticing, it would have to be tied in with structured exercise or spending time with someone else, but there is magic is giving this time over to just me.

In the quiet peacefulness of the natural world, I find space to hear parts of myself that might be missed in the busyness of everyday life and so I learn more about myself and how to honour all the parts of me. This is why I am so please to begin offering walk and talk sessions with clients again this week, as it allows me to share some of these benefits with my clients, as we walk together, noticing and exploring both the park and ourselves.

I’d love to know where you’re favourite outside places are and how they make you feel.

Willow tree next to a lake on a sunny morning. Text read 'Where is your favourite place to walk? at the top
Where is your favourite place to walk?

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