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What would you like to know about therapy?

This week I have upgraded computer. I do not know a great deal about IT, so I spent a lot of time learning before I was able to feel happy in my choice. At times the process of figuring out what was right for me felt quite overwhelming and I nearly gave up altogether.

While I was going through this process, I started thinking about how it feels for potential clients to be scrolling through lists of therapists, trying to figure out who will be the right person for them. There are so many different types of therapy and ways to access it, choosing someone can feel daunting and is a reason lots of people put off accessing support.

There are so many reasons why we work well with different people and sometimes the likelihood of finding the right person, in the right place, with the right knowledge and skills seems slim. We know that the most important part of counselling id the relationship you have with your therapist. That’s why I believe that the best way to find out if you think you can work with a particular person, is to speak to them. Many counsellors offer free telephone consultations and are happy to answer your questions before you decide to start working with them.

It's ok to get in touch with a number of therapists until you find the right one for you. It’s also ok to change who you are working with if you need something different. I’m always happy to talk about how I work and my training, and there’s never any pressure to go ahead with booking an appointment if it doesn’t feel right. I want each client to find the right person, even if it isn’t me.

Don’t stop yourself from taking the first steps to getting support, because it feels daunting. If you’ve got questions about counselling generally, or how I work specifically, feel free to pop them in the comments, or get in touch via email and I’ll be happy to answer (or point you towards someone who can).

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