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What does spring mean to you?

Suddenly, this week I have been noticing the signs on spring everywhere I look. Crocuses are popping up all over the place, there is blossom on the trees in the park and even the birds in the garden seem more active (although that might be the new birdseed). I’ve been trying to capture some of the energy for myself and have managed to cross off a couple of things that have been on my list for a while. I love watching the changing of the seasons and the reminder they bring that everything is fluid and that nothing really stays the same. There is always the opportunity to try something new, to explore a new direction or leave behind something which no longer serves you.

As often happens when I sense the changes around me, I am suddenly filled with the desire to do something new and have been looking at training and qualifications I might like to start as well as eyeing up some new hobbies. In the past I might have thrown myself straight into these (I have a cupboard full of craft material to prove this). However, this year, I am trying to be more intentional with my choices, in line with my word, breathe, and so I am holding off on committing to anything in particular and practicing making space to see what will emerge.

Sometimes this waiting and just holding space can feel very difficult, I know my brain can see it as a void to be filled with negative self-talk and the greatest hits of all the things I’ve ever done wrong, but as I continue to practice self-compassion and acceptance, those unhelpful voices continue to become quieter and are leaving space for more positive parts of my brain to speak up and be heard. But as with everything else it is a practice, and one that I need to keep up to keep them at bay. One of the ways I am doing that at the moment is by allowing myself to rest when needed, even if my brain wants to do all the things!

What does spring mean to you?

ID: Cherry blossom against a blue sky. Text says ‘What does spring mean to you?’

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