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We're not all in the same boat

Once again the world is changing again, and we will all respond to that change differently. For some of us the impact will be small, we might even welcome the feeling of the world becoming smaller again, for other there will be anger and frustration at having to adapt. For other still there will be worry and fear at what the future will hold and how they will manage in this new stage.

We are not all in the same boat.

Our boats are different sizes, have different levels of seaworthiness, they have crews of differing abilities, knowledge and sizes. They may not have a crew at all. Some will be part of a fleet sailing together while others will be on a solitary voyage. Some will have lots of resources close to hand and others will have very little or an unreliable supply.

While we may be in the same storm, it is large and changeable. We will all experience different parts of it, some seeming to be battered by the wind and rain daily, others catching the tail end of it. All of us will have our own experiences and all of them are valid. There is no right way to feel and acknowledging the breadth of experiences we are having will help us to respond to each other with compassion and empathy.

I often hear people telling me that they know that there are many people worse off than them. My response to this statement is always the same, that there is no hierarchy and we all need support at different times in different ways. Not seeking support for ourselves does not make anyone else situation better, in fact it is only by looking after ourselves that we are able to care for others. Like dropping pebbles in a pond, the ripples of our own healing travel out through the world.

As the world changes again, look after yourself and those around you. Just because we’re not in the same boat doesn’t mean we can’t connect and support each other. If we are able to cultivate an attitude of compassion to ourselves and our communities, it will make for much smoother sailing for everyone.

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