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Finding the Small Joys

January always seems like a transition month to me. We’ve passed the solstice, but the days are still short and cold, although the promise of spring is waiting around the corner. There is usually little happening and now we’re under more restrictions there is even less going on than usual. Having taken time while I was on leave to find my word for 2021 I am attempting to spend my time with a conscious intention to embody it over the next few weeks so I can feel into what it will mean for me and my year.

When ‘joy’ popped into my head I was initially quite dismissive, but it stood its ground and saw off the competitors. The more I reflected on the word the more I realised that rather than focussing on some ideal future, I needed to take joy in what I could do now. To take more time in the moment, rather than rushing to the end – something I have been working on changing for many years. It had been far to easy to slip into old habits over the past year, so now I am trying to be more intentional with my attention.

I have immediately noticed the benefit in that I am spending less energy on frustration and being cross with what I can’t do and I am noticing more positives. While I may not be able to do everything I want, I am challenging myself in different ways. A book of knitting patterns I was gifted has inspired me to tackle some more advanced techniques that I would have avoided previously and making bread has become a ritual that I look forward. Short and slow walks through nature give me more time to notice the changes of the seasons, and this week I was rewarded with a glimpse of the elusive kingfisher in the park.

I am rediscovering small joys that are scattered throughout my day and remembering how I often speak to clients about the importance of small steps and changes and noticing them along the way. Every moment is a chance to choose a different path, to move your attention and energy to where you want it to go. The more we make conscious choices with intentions the easier it becomes and the less likely we are to fall back into old, unhelpful habits.

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