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We got the gardeners in...

Some of you might remember last year when I wrote about the ivy making it’s way up the back of our house, while we managed to control that, there was still a large amount at the end of the garden blocking out the sun. We’d made some progress with cutting it back and stopped it from getting any bigger, but we had to admit that we didn’t have the right tools or expertise to do a proper job without risk of injury to us or our back fence.

Instead of continuing to try and make do with what we had and using our free time and energy to control it we finally decided to get a professional in. It was amazing to watch them work and to see how quickly someone with the right tools and knowledge was able to finish a job that would probably have taken us weeks. In only a few hours we had gained a corner of our garden that had been unreachable for years (as well as some new garden ornaments).

It was a good reminder that we can’t be experts on everything and there is nothing wrong with getting help when you need it. It has left me thinking about all the other areas in life that we muddle through and make do with because we’re not sure how else to do it. We can all benefit from additional support sometimes, but if we don’t value ourselves enough to invest in the help we need we can be left struggling along for longer than necessary.

Investing in therapy can be the first step in learning to value ourselves, by getting professional support to make the changes you want to your lifestyle. Just having a space to explore what you want without fear of judgement can help to create a space where you can begin to see the way forward. Somebody else might have the right tools to cut away the limiting beliefs and expose the potential that is underneath it. Once we know what is possible, we can begin to see where to start. Just like my garden which has revealed a whole host of new possibilities and a lot more sunlight with just a bit of investment.

What have you been resisting getting help with? What would it take to value yourself enough to invest in it?

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